Boeing 767-300ER: Standard Class

This twin engine modern wide bodied jet is quiet, comfortable and very spacious with a superb range. The aircraft is available for any potential charter customer wanting to fly to destinations in Europe and beyond to North/ South America, Africa, the Middle East and Far East, as well as New Zealand. With only 290 seats, passengers have plenty of room to relax and enjoy Echo Air Charter Flights with high standards of service and in-flight entertainment while on board.


• 290 seats with 31 inches seat pitch
• Light, airy, comfortable & low noise cabin
• Audio/ visual in-flight entertainment system
• Aircraft livery and interior can be customized with corporate/ event branding.
• Ability to operate out of regional or major international airports
• Ability to operate in poor weather conditions
• Cruise speed of 570mph
• Maximum range 6000nm
• Cruising altitude 39,000ft