Aviation Safety Audits

Safety in aviation is contingent on high quality standards. The proper implementation of quality systems is the key to successful risk management and safe aviation. Echo Air is totally committed to aviation safety and accident prevention through the elimination of flight hazards, and has adopted documented strategies to promote these ideals. Detailed reviews and constructive critiques of service providers aim to identify such hazards and include recommendations in the form of tabulated corrective actions necessary to overcome them. Follow-up reviews which are designed to monitor the progress of a service provider’s corrective action responses and to ensure rectification of any identified deficiencies, will positively assist in enhancing the safety of an operation. Our safety program overall objectives maps the following;
• To minimize risk of incident/ accident in the air or on the ground to reasonably practical level.
• To provide adequate priority for safety.
• To be resilient to unexpected human action or inaction, aircraft malfunctions and meteorological conditions.
• To develop and adopt a policy that considers regulatory requirements for promoting, monitoring and investigating safety related accidents or incidents.
• To establish and enforce safety preventive methods, and risk management.

General Safety training courses are also provided to crew members including CRM courses, Cabin Safety Procedures, and Dangerous Goods Course. Contact us now