Aviation Feasibility Studies

Echo Air provides feasibility analysis to decision-makers which includes recommendations of overall costs involved and other possible options, such as; whether to purchase or lease an aircraft. Regardless whether it is an already operating or a newly established firm, the feasibility analysis report highlights several solutions complemented with experts’ advice on the most acceptable and viable one. The analysis report and concluding recommendations are part of the process which is tailored and drawn entirely based on clients’ unique requirements. The process begin by establishing clients' travel needs; such as operational hours, and travel routes. Followed by identification of type, size, speed and range of aircraft that meet their requirements. Accordingly, the report suggests the purchase cost or lease for the recommended aircraft, along with selected aircraft annual operating cost, and where/ how it will be maintained. The feasibility report is supplemented by experts’ recommendation and provides a comprehensive insights and data measures between different aircraft options as to compare different actual travel costs, facilitate clients’ decision and satisfy their needs and preferences. Contact us now