Aviation Consultancy

Echo Air unique advantage resides in the flexibility and capabilities that has been accumulated through decades of experiences in aviation industry. Our economic experts from the air transport industry specialize in providing strategic reports and analytical consultancy for a variety of services; from route evaluation and profitability, to revenue projection, we furnish our clients the right knowledge with a clear and concise guidance for the specific tools and products, enabling a better-informed business decisions and a thorough understanding of general fees and charges.

Echo Air expert advices cover different areas in the air transport business. The Company assists many clients to assimilate various components in their aviation projects and helps in analyzing emerging opportunities, while providing tailored services based on clients’ needs, including; Business Travel Analysis – Aircraft Feasibility – Aircraft Acquisitions – Aircraft Management – Air Transport Project – Maintenance Follow up – Fleet Planning – Other services. Contact us now

Business Travel Analysis

is intended to identifying destinations, potential passengers, and costs involved and compare with our professional resources to evaluate and suggest what aircraft will provide the flexibility and productivity at the cost that meet the clients’ tailored requirements and their financial resources and goals.

Aircraft Feasibility

grants information to decision-makers about costs baseline and accessible alternatives. In many cases, Clients recognize that the decision for purchasing or leasing an aircraft is not justifiable, hence using Charter flights suffice and meet their unique needs.

Aircraft Acquisitions

facility assists clients in the process of acquiring and purchasing an aircraft, and to realize the full potential an aircraft can deliver. The decision for buying or leasing an aircraft is vital and has significant financial implications over operational flexibility as well as the airplane use. The process involves helping clients to fully comprehend the main elements of consideration, namely; the Engines, the Airframes and the Avionics, prior to any commitment, as these elements can largely impact the closing prices.

Aircraft Management

covers more than flight operations. It involves the maintenance, housing and the use of aircraft. Whether internally conducted or sub-contracted, aircraft management entails being familiar with basic subjects, such as: Aircraft Safe Operations, Financial Management, Staffing and Training of Flight Operation Staff, Documentation and Support Services, as well as determining the appropriate Aircraft Home Base. Echo Air can assist through its network of connections, to manage or find for you the qualified Aviation Management Team.

Air Transport Project

services are intended for business aviation start-up firms. It comprises the compete view of the aviation industry that Echo Air experts can deliver to clients. The complete analysis provided by Echo Air can serve as the project map, or it can be managed for the client in part or in entire, depending on clients’ needs. The report covers the travel analysis, ownership and suggested alternatives, aircraft selection, base of operations, aircraft management and control, staffing and training, and other service supports.

Maintenance follow up

are periodic inspections that have to be done on all commercial/ civil aircrafts after certain amount of time or usage. Under General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA), each flight operator must prepare a Continuous Airworthiness Maintenance Program (CAMP) under its Operations Specifications or ‘OpSpecs”, and which includes both routine and detailed inspections. Casually referred by Airlines and Airworthiness Authority as “checks”, namely; A check, B check, C check, or D check. A and B checks are lighter checks, while C and D are considered heavier checks. In this regard, Echo Air can assist clients by expediting processes through its professionals and affiliates, and by updating records for all regulatory and safety considerations that all operators must account for. Despite that modern aircraft are efficient, however each has a life limit for safety reasons and must be maintained to a very specific standard.

Fleet Planning

is vitally important aspect for any air transport operation. Echo Air helps determining what aircraft should be operated and in what numbers to meet the needs of the business. Typically, this involves evaluating new and existing types of aircrafts, comparing all the costs and checking compatibility with the clients’ existing fleet and route network. Part of our job is negotiating with suppliers to provide the right aircrafts which meet the future requirements of our clients. This may involve defining aircraft maintenance schedules and purchasing arrangements with manufacturers.

Other services

comprises of: Aircraft registration and Ownership transfer – Lease delivery and return – Crew selection and appointment. Echo Air enjoys the capabilities to guide and manage these specific needs and can play an essential role that facilitates and ensures smooth transactions.