Corporate Overview

Echo-Air is an Emiratis consulting firm operating in the civil aviation field. The Company is committed to above-industry standards for the numerous services provided to its clients. These services encompass all safety and economic viability aspects, and are intended to convert growth into effective results. Our experts deliver a complete view in the aviation industry and apply expertise across a number of disciplines. The Company expansion plans comprise the development of competitive charter flights.

Our Vision

To provide a comprehensive array of services to aircraft stakeholders and be renowned as the consultant and operator of quality, safety measures and achievement of anticipated results.

Our Mission

To exert every possible effort in delivering our promises for highest safety standards, reliability, and commitment to quality in all operations and support services. By creating value, applying innovation in its strictest safe manner, and paying attention to every details, our mission resonates our viable aims to enhance performance and profitability in overall operations. Through continually upgraded expertise, coupled with creativity, and excellent customer relationships, we form the basis to our success. Serving our clients in the best promising way is always marked by genuine hospitality, commitment and honest opinion.

Goals and Objectives

Our goals are drawn to satisfy and meet our clients’ needs. We believe that the first step is by building a strong relationship that allows confidence, confidentiality and creativity to spur into magnified results. Echo Air key objectives revolve around driving and sustaining growth, assessing risks, planning for contingencies and performance efficiencies. Through individual and professional relationships, sharing knowledge and suggesting feasible options, we transfer our expertise, deliver positive and measurable differences that proliferate capabilities and business success while regulating resources expenditures of our clients.

Our Team

Engulfed with motivation and productive atmosphere, our team continuously undergo learning and skills upgrade as to evolve, meet and exceed the different requirements presented by the challenging market dynamics. Our teams’ expertise span across multiple areas; from market intelligence, airlines, manufacturers to dealing with investors. We live by the code of excellence for building excellent client relationships and offer economic expertise in the aviation transport industry. Echo Air emphasis on human resource is fundamental and the company has always adopted an open horizon for improvement and expansion. For this purpose, we support and complement our team with a favored independent aviation professionals that add value to our professional services and experiences.

We operate all over the world, delivering the highest standards of customized services while pledging detailed attention and confidentiality to our clients, and promptly adapting to their needs, on 365 days, 24/7 basis.

Our Philosophy

Excellence and pride to performance integrity
Creativity and commitment to reliable solutions
Honesty to work with fairness and transparency
Objectivity to sustain achievement of results

                                      We are “Echo Air”